We accept Paypal, Mastercard, VISA, Amex, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Amazon Pay through our secure checkout.  


You will be charged immediately at the point of sale.  The full amount to charged is displayed on the checkout pages which includes product charges, shipping charges and sales tax.

Sales Tax and Import Duty

We ship all orders from the UK.  All prices shown on the website are inclusive of Sales Tax (VAT), but NOT import duty.

For shipments to the EU:

  • Import duty is ONLY charged on orders with an intrinsic value which exceeds €150,00.  The intrinsic value is the value less VAT: so if the VAT rate in your country is 20%, your basket value can be €180 or less to avoid import duty.  Shipping costs are not part of the intrinsic value and so do not affect duty calculation.
  • If import duty is due it will be shown in the shipping rates for your country when you are checking out.
  • The price you pay is the FINAL, DELIVERED price, there will be nothing more to pay by you to receive the parcel.  
  • From time to time, ourselves, our logistics partners and/or customs can get the declaration wrong.  If this happens, please don't worry - you won't be charged anymore to receive your order!  Please contact our customer services team and they will resolve the problem for you.  Please DO NOT pay any additional customs charges if you (mistakenly) are asked to do so!
  • Please note we are only able to collect import duty in these countries:  Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden.
  • In other EU countries not listed above, if your basket intrinsic value exceeds €150, you will not be shown any shipping options at the checkout and you will need to reduce your order basket value.

For international deliveries outside of the EU, we collect ALL sales taxes and duties which are due from you.  We send all our shipments “Delivered Duty Paid” (DDP), which means that no further customs charges should be due when you receive your order.