Latex has always been a controversial material. Once unequivocally linked to the world of fetish, bondage and dominatrices, it's now making an impact on the catwalks, the red carpet and the high street. Latex and rubberwear are now extremely popular with both fetishists and fashionistas alike. And while still having a strong association with fetishwear, latex has become one of the hottest (no pun intended!) fabrics to be seen in.

Latex corsets have seen an enormous rise in popularity in recent years, in part thanks to latex waist trainers. A type of corset that offers extra firm compression to help sculpt your curves. Waist trainers have become increasingly popular as a way to reduce the size of your waist. With daily wear, a latex waist trainer is believed to strengthen your core and posture. While the heat that is generated while you are wearing the waist trainer makes you sweat and in turn mobilises your fat.

Unfortunately, the rise in popularity has led to the market being flooded with low cost, low-quality latex waist trainers. When choosing a waist trainer, it's important to choose quality over price. Poor quality, poorly fitting waist trainers can cause pressure points on the wearer's body and can become uncomfortable when worn for long periods. When choosing a latex waist trainer, it's essential to buy one with steel boning and an adjustable 3 hook-and-eye front closure.

Aside from their waist reducing abilities, latex corsets have become delectably stylish. While the material has become more mainstream, it still carries an air of eroticism and has the ability to command attention. As a result, latex outfits have been seen on numerous high profile celebs. Kim Kardashian is a big fan, and Lady Gaga wore a latex dress when she met the queen! When imagining a latex corset, many often mistake latex for PVC and think of it as shiny, tight, sexy and cheap. While the shiny, wet look is very popular in the world of fetish and high fashion, it's not so practical for day to day wear. Latex corsets that feature a cotton lining are comfortable enough for everyday wear and are available in a range of colours and styles. And they can be worn as outerwear or underwear depending on your mood!

At Corset Story, our latex corsets and latex waist trainers have the highest "Disguise Rating" of any of our designs, these corsets are very thin and do not have the corset lacing seen on most of our designs. Instead, they use the elastic properties of latex for compression. Latex corsets are practical and easy to disguise and they give you a beautiful, slender silhouette. If you are new to the world of latex corsets, the experienced team at Corset Story would love to help you find your perfect fit!