It’s party season, and that means it’s time to dress up and celebrate! Everyone wants to look their very best during the Christmas party season. Sequins, velvet, lace and diamantes! More is most definitely more during the festive season. If you’re anything like us, deciding upon your Christmas outfit can be a tough decision. You’ll try on several Christmas tops and outfits and then, no doubt, revert back to the original one that you tried on some hours prior!

Christmas dressing is all about the glitz and glamour. It’s about wearing clothes that make you look and feel absolutely fabulous. And if that’s head to toe sequins or a floor-length velvet gown, all the better! If you really want to stand out from the crowd this festive season, why not opt for a sexy Christmas inspired corset? The corset is making a huge comeback. They tick every box. Glamourous, empowering, stylish, sexy and fun to wear. Every woman should have at least one corset in her closet.

A corset is the ultimate Christmas top. Whether you’re heading out to the office Christmas party, a festive foray with friends or a having a cosy night in under the mistletoe with your significant other. A glamorous figure-hugging corset will make your Christmas outfit extra special. You can almost guarantee that no one else will turn up in the same outfit, and everyone will be throwing compliments your way.

Aside from their stunning design, they help to create the ever desirable hourglass figure, while shaping and smoothing the tummy, boosting the bust and slimming the hips. Wearing a corset at Christmas will boost your confidence and ensure you look and feel sublime, even after one too many mince pies!

Corsets also make wonderful presents. If your looking to treat somebody special this Christmas, a corset is a personal and individual gift that the lady in your life will undoubtedly love. A corset is an investment piece, it’s something you will both gain a lot of enjoyment from, now and for many years to come. A bespoke corset can make for a truly memorable Christmas morning.

At Corset Story, we have a range of beautiful Christmas inspired overbust corsets. From lingerie corsets in sumptuous red satin and embellished with bows to a sexy Mrs Clause or a Christmas Elf inspired number that’s perfect for the office Christmas party or some festive fun in the bedroom! Within our Christmas inspired collection your sure to find a corset that will make ensure you sparkle this Christmas!